Types of burs in dentistry

Types of burs in dentistry: Shanks, shapes and materials

Dental burs are some of the most important and basic tools a dentist needs. Throughout the years, the technology in the dental bur field has advanced greatly. This led to a wide assortment of dental bur types finding their way into the global market. The following article aims to give a quick overview of some of the more common and useful types currently being used.


Types of burs - sorted by shank

Friction grip burs - also known as FG burs, these dental burs are made to use with high speed handpieces. High speed burs are the most popular type of dental burs.

The friction grip burs are also available in 2 subcategories:

FGSS - friction grip, short shank burs.

FGOS - friction grip, operative surgical burs.


Latch type burs - also known as RA burs, these dental burs are made to use with low speed contra-angle handpieces. 

Long straight shank - also known as HP burs are dental burs mainly used by dental laboratories with low speed handpieces.


Types of burs - sorted by shape

Round Burs

Round burs have a variety of applications in many dental procedures. Their round head allows them to excavate tissue for cavity preparation. opening the tooth for endodontic treatment, general cleaning of the tooth structure from caries, and selective grinding. Round burs are also used for bone surgery.         

   Round diamond bur


Pear shaped burs - 330 burs

Pear shaped burs are also known as 330 burs due to their ISO code. These dental burs are elongated with a rounded head. They are used mainly for cavity preparation but can be also used for removing caries, as well as trimming and finishing. 


330 carbide bur 330 diamond bur

Spiral Cool-cut burs

The Spiral Cool-Cut burs are special diamond burs designed with a left spiral groove along that delivers the cooling water directly to the contact point between the bur and the tooth. They allow you to perform very fast grinding with an aggressive material removal while maintaining an excellent quality of surface area.

spiral cool cut burs

Flat end tapered burs

The Flat End Taper burs are especially designed to make the task of crown and bridge preparation simpler and more efficient.

Flat end tapered burs


Round end tapered burs

The Round end tapered burs are very popular multi-purpose dental diamond burs that often used for crown and bridge preparation.

round end tapered burs


Football Burs

The Football burs are multi-use dental burs made for preparation, finishing and trimming. They are also known as Egg shaped burs in some countries due to their shape. They are available in 3 different types of materials for different uses:

Football diamond burs - preparation of cavity, crown and bridge.

Carbide football bur - finishing and trimming.

Gold football burs - occlusal reduction and preparation.

Gold football burscarbide football bur


Torpedo burs

The Torpedo bur is a dental diamond bur specially designed for Cavity Preparation. It is called like that due to its shape of a torpedo.

Torpedo bur s11

Inverted Cone Burs

Inverted cone burs are mostly used in dental surgery for creating undercuts for restorations or root canals. They can also be used to form the occlusal surface, flattening pulpal or gingival walls or for the removal of caries. They come in a variety of lengths and grits and have many options for different heads.
Double inverted cone burInverted cone bur

Straight Fissure Burs

Straight fissure burs contain parallel lines on them which move in a diagonal form in relation to the head. They are useful for creating parallel lines and flat floors during cavity preparation. Another variation is the cross cut fissure burs which are ideal for periphery contouring. The cross cut burs have higher density which provides an efficient cutting and decreased friction and clogging.


557 bur - cross cut fissure burRound end straight fissure bur

Tapered Fissure Burs

Tapered fissure burs have tapered heads which are ideal for a variety of actions during crown removal. Their low tendency to create undesired tissue residue is optimal for sectioning multi-rooted teeth and reducing crown height. They come in both short and long shanks in order to be suitable for a large variety of cavity preparations.


Tapered fissure burTapered cross cut fissure bur


Types of burs - sorted by material

Diamond Burs

Diamond burs are made of stainless - steel covered by diamond powder of different levels of grit. The grit level determines the smoothness/roughness level of the resultant tooth surface. Diamond is the hardest natural substance on earth, which gives the bur extra strength during action. Owing to this, rough finishes can be left on teeth tissues which allow for further finishing by other, more delicate grit of diamond burs.

Caride burs

Dental Carbide burs are made of Tungsten carbide material. This strong material makes the bur 3 times more robust than steel. This extra rigidity makes them an excellent choice when strength and cutting efficiency is required. They are used for many different procedures including cavity preparation, cutting through metal and bone and splitting teeth.


Ceramic Burs

Ceramic burs are great for dental surgery. They do not heat up as easily as most other dental burs because of ceramic’s low heat conduction properties. Therefore, they are most suitable for use when cutting bone in a dental implant surgery.


Gold Burs

Gold burs are primarily used with high-speed turbines (FG) which allow for ideal results in smoothing actions. Gold burs operate with less vibration, which provides extra precision during work. Additionally, their temperature is lower during work, which keeps the teeth vitality. Another advantage is their delicate surface finishing. 


The best suppliers of dental burs

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