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Zirconia burs

The ideal solution for working with Zirconia, EMAX, Porcelain and other tough ceramics. Our Premium Zirconia Burs cut, adjust, and polish with great results!
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Zirconia burs

The ideal burs for Cutting, Adjusting and Polishing of Zirconia and other tough ceramics

As Zirconia crowns are becoming more and more popular, There is an increasing demand for high-quality burs that can work on Zirconia efficiently. 




What’s the problem with Zirconia?

Working with tough materials has always been one of the more difficult tasks faced by dentists. Zirconia, being one of the best restorative materials, is strong, biocompatible and esthetic. However, since it’s such a strong metal, it is very difficult to remove. It takes up to 40 minutes to remove a Zirconia crown using standard carbide or diamond burs. The work is slow and tedious and the risk of fracturing the crown is always clouding the procedure. The possibility of micro-fractures also compromises the integrity of the completed crown and bridges after their application.

The ideal burs for working with Zirconia: Zirconia burs

Zirconia burs are diamond burs that were especially designed for cutting and adjusting Zirconia and other hard ceramics like Lithium Disilicate (EMAX) and porcelain. They are considered the best burs to cut off zirconia because they are low-cost and highly-effective when working on strong durable ceramics like Zirconia. 

How to cut zirconia effectively?

In recent years, many instruments have been developed for cutting and adjusting zirconia and Lithium Disilicate crowns. However, in actual clinic works, dentists have stated that the best bur to cut zirconia crown is a fine-grit diamond bur used at high speed with a gentle sawing motion combined with high water pressure.

Eagle Dental Zirconia burs

Our Zirconia cutting diamond burs are manufactured in a special process that allow you to quickly adjust all types of crowns without the risk of chipping.

Eagle Dental Zirconia burs the ideal solution for a fast and smooth cutting and adjusting of crowns and bridges of tough materials such as: Zirconia, E-MAX, PFM, Procad & Vita.

Our Zirconia burs are specially made for the following process:

  • Zirconia crown & bridge removal
  • Zirconia crown Endo access
  • Zirconia polishing & finishing


Competitors comparison 

There are few good zirconia burs in the market including: Zir cut burs, Komet zirconia burs, brasseler zirconia cutting burs, predator zirconia burs and diatech z rex.

All of which are excellent and has the same features as our burs. The only difference is that they are VERY expensive compared to our products thus producing you lesser value. 

Eagle Dental Burs are made in Israel and feature high-quality, durability and efficiency.

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