Alef dental implant

$100.00 $89.90

Alef - The Classic Connection

Alef is a highly compatible implant solution based on the widely used internal hex system. It demonstrates how simplicity, quality and performance can go hand-in-hand. 

The Alef implant fits a wide range of bone types and augmentation procedures. Its superior self-drilling capabilities and tapered body help establish a strong and stable connection with immediate loading capabilities. Above all else, Alef is a very easy-to-use solution. It is the total package in a single implant. 

Internal Hex: a single platform designed for simple restoration procedures.

Tapered: contributes to high soft tissue adhesion. Provides excellent primary stability.

Self-Tapping, Double Lead Threads: increase load distribution. Provides more surface area for better osseointegration. Enables fast and easy insertion.

Platform Switching: promotes bone and soft tissue growth. Contributes to natural aesthetics.

Spiral Design: enhances bone condensation during the insertion stage. Enables direction change for optimal positioning.

SLA Surface Treatment: increases osseointegration. Enhances bone-to-implant contact.

Round Apex: promotes implant stability. Protects the sinus from perforation. Minimizes the risk of anatomical structure harm.

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