Ceramic bur - soft tissue trimmer


Achieve Precise & Effective Soft Tissue Trimming

The ceramic bur is a specialized dental rotary instrument designed for soft-tissue surgery, offering an effective alternative to traditional scalpels, electro-surgery, and surgical blades. With its biocompatible hard oxide points, this bur enables precise tissue separation without burning or significant bleeding. Its high stability ensures rapid and safe gingival preparation, making it an invaluable tool for various dental procedures.

Indications for Ceramic Burs:

  1. Cosmetics: Achieve precise contouring of gingival tissue for enhanced aesthetics.
  2. Operculectomy: Safely and efficiently remove operculum tissue.
  3. Crown Lengthening: Create the ideal biologic width and expose more tooth structure for restorative procedures.
  4. Recovering Intraosseous Implants: Facilitate tissue healing around implants.
  5. Excising Granulation Tissue: Remove excess granulation tissue for improved healing.
  6. Exposing Fractured Teeth and Partially Erupted Wisdom Teeth: Gain access for effective treatment.
  7. Contouring of Inflamed Gingival Soft Tissue: Reshape and contour inflamed gum tissue for improved periodontal health.
  8. Widening the Sulcus for Fixed Prosthodontic Impressions: Create optimal space for impression procedures.
  9. Exposing Deep Cervical Caries or External Resorption: Provide access for caries removal or treatment of resorptive lesions.

Eagle Dental Ceramic Burs: Precision and Quality You Can Trust

Experience the exceptional quality of Eagle Dental products, proudly made in Israel. Our ceramic burs are designed for precise soft tissue contouring, ensuring optimal treatment outcomes. Trust in our high-quality instruments to enhance your dental procedures. Shop now or contact us for inquiries.





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