Til dental implant

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Til - The Slim Connection

In implantology, the phrase “narrow space” can be a cause for concern. Til, a high-quality slim implant by msdi, is an ideal solution primarily intended for narrow crest scenarios or for placement between two adjacent implants.  

The Til is a thin implant with immediate loading capabilities. Based on the internal hexagon system, Til is smaller in diameter than regular internal hex implants – yet retains their high precision, mechanical strength and basic simplicity. It’s exactly what you need in tight situations. 

Our wide range of prosthetics is especially made for efficient and convenient restoration for narrow spaces, including: Temporary and permanent, cement retained, screw retained and overdenture restorations. Our narrow internal hex connection is used worldwide. Its compatibility and efficiency will assure you a convenient and successful restoration.

Narrow Platform: Features its own 3.0 mm prosthetic line.

Tapered: Contributes to high soft tissue adhesion. Provides excellent primary stability.

Spiral Design: Enhances bone condensation during the insertion stage. Enables direction change for optimal positioning.

Round Apex: Promotes implant stability. Protects the sinus from perforation. Minimizes the risk of anatomical structure harm.

Platform Switching: Provides added stability. Assists in shaping aesthetically pleasing narrow spaces.

Narrow Body: Especially designed for narrow ridges and interdental spaces.

SLA Surface Treatment: Increases osseointegration; Enhances bone-to-implant contact.

Self-Tapping, Double Lead Threads: Increases load distribution. Provides more surface area for better osseointegration. Enables fast and easy insertion.

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