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Dental surgical burs

Our surgical burs are made in Israel by premium materials for oral surgery and other surgical procedures.
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Dental surgical burs

What are dental surgical burs?

Dental Surgical Burs are rotary instruments used by dentists and dental surgeons in oral surgery procedures such as dental implants. They are available in different types, shanks and grits for different surgical purposes and procedures.


What surgical burs are used for?

Dental surgical burs are used for several different purposes including bone cutting, Endo Access, soft tissue trimming, cavity preparation, crown & bridge prep, sectioning tooth and more.. 


Why should you use surgical burs? 

You should use surgical burs when you are in need of high precision and cutting efficiency. Surgical burs feature superior results when compared to standard dental burs, especially when cutting bone and tough materials.


What are oral surgery burs?

Oral surgery burs are used in different surgical procedures such as dental implants, soft tissue trimming and separation of roots.


Why choose Eagle Dental surgical burs?

Eagle Dental Surgical Burs are made in Israel and feature top-quality, consistent cutting experience and high-durability. They are also cost-effective and allow you to save both time and energy in your surgical procedures.

If you are looking for the best value for your money - Eagle Dental is the best choice for you.

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