Conix dental implant

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Conix - The Tight Connection

Conix is an implant for situations that may prove complicated, yet still require impeccable implant performance. It’s an implant that brings peace-of-mind to dentists and patients alike.

The Conix implant is especially designed for high primary stability in demanding situations, such as soft bone or extraction sockets. Implemented successfully in all bone types, Conix’s primary stability is complimented by fast insertion capabilities and minimal patient sensibility.

MSDI’s conical implant system offers both a Narrow Platform (NP) and a Regular Platform (RP), especially designed for posterior cases that require a wider base, and helps achieve a natural molar emergence profile.

Our wide range of prosthetics is especially made for efficient and convenient restoration for all options, including: Temporary and permanent, cement retained, screw retained and overdenture restorations. Our conical hex connection is very effective and used worldwide. Its perfect fit will allow you a tight, stable and successful restoration.

Conical Hex: Superior mechanical strength enhances restoration stability

Tapered: The resemblance to natural root shape is a source for excellent primary stability, bone maintenance and soft tissue adhesion

Self-Tapping, Double Lead Threads: Increases load distribution. Provides more surface area for better osseointegration. Enables fast and easy insertion.

Round Apex: Promotes implant stability. Protects the sinus from perforation. Minimizes the risk of anatomical structure harm.

Platform Switching: Minimizes crestal bone loss. Promotes bone and soft tissue growth. Contributes to natural aesthetics.

Wide Pitch: Wide thread spacing facilitates implant stability and tissue preservation for longer durations.

SLA Surface Treatment: Increases osseointegration. Enhances bone-to-implant contact. 

Cutting flutes & Drilling blades: offer first-rate cutting capabilities and simple position adjustments. during placement procedure, while minimizing osteotomy.

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