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Collection 100 products
Collection 100 products

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I started buying from eagle dental last year. So far I’m very happy with the quality of products and the services. Some of the products are a bit pricey but to me it’s worth it. Highly recommended.

Dr. Eilam Eli

Very Impressive dental burs. High quality diamond and carbide burs are always good helpers. I especially like the bur sets that include different types of burs in one kit. I recommend to try. Greetings from Taiwan! 🇹🇼

Dr. Jimmy Chang

Excelente atención y rapidez en la entrega…100% recomendado.

Dr. Yoly Y.

I happen to saw one of their ads on FB and was baited to purchase some MCXL milling burs. I got them fast and they work well so far. I will try again.

Dr. Levy Liza
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