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MCXL milling burs: Emax and Glass ceramics


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MCXL burs: milling burs for EMAX and GLASS ceramics

MCXL burs are grinding & milling diamond burs for EMAX and Glass ceramics. They are specially made for the following milling units: Cerec MC XL, Cerec MC X and Cerec MC.


Eagle Dental MCXL burs

Eagle Dental MCXL burs are compatible diamond milling and grinding burs for Sirona Cerec MC XL.

They provide dental labs and dentists with a cost-efficient alternative to the original Sirona MCXL burs. 

They feature high compatibility and durability which allow you to save both time and money in the long-run.


Each pack contains 5 MCXL burs of one of the following sizes:

Step bur 12S - REF 62 40 167

Step bur 12 - REF 62 60 025

Cylinder pointed bur 12S - REF 62 40 159



Step bur 12S

cerec step bur 12s is a milling bur of 12mm for Sirona MC XL milling unit. It is used on left-hand assembly. 

Step bur 12

The step bur 12 is 12mm long. It is very similar to the step bur 12s only it has a flat end of 1mm size. It is used on the LEFT side of the milling unit.

Cylinder pointed bur 12S

The cerec cylinder pointed bur 12S is a 12mm milling bur. It is used on as a right-hand assembly on cerec milling units: MC, MCX, MCXL and MCXL inLab.

Eagle Dental MCXL burs

Why should you use Eagle Dental MCXL burs?

Eagle Dental MCXL burs are made in Israel and feature consistent quality and economic price. Our services include:


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