Composite Finishing Burs


Achieve Effortless Composite Finishing

Composite finishing burs play a vital role in achieving impeccable composite restorations. Designed for precise shaping and contouring, these burs simplify and streamline the composite finishing process. Eagle Dental offers high-quality Composite Finishing Burs that ensure exceptional clinical outcomes, eliminating the need for additional discs, paste, or polishing burs.

Our Composite Finishing Burs are artfully engineered to deliver effortless composite finishing. The XXF purple burs are specifically designed for achieving accurate morphology, while the SH2 white burs provide a desirable shiny finish. With these burs, you can achieve optimal aesthetics and functional results.

Crafted from durable materials, our composite finishing burs offer superior performance and longevity. They are built to withstand the demands of daily dental practice, ensuring reliable and consistent results. Each pack of our burs includes two, providing convenience and allowing you to maintain a well-stocked inventory for efficient composite finishing.

Experience a simpler, shorter, and more efficient composite finishing process.Trust in our high-quality burs to simplify your workflow and deliver exceptional outcomes in composite restorations. 


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