Endo Files

Swiss-crafted Endo Files: Optimal Flexibility, Efficiency, and Lasting Durability.

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Endo Files

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Crafted in Switzerland, our Endodontic files boast:

  • Flexibility: Ensuring optimal navigation through curved root canals without deformation.
  • Cutting Efficiency: Highly efficient in dentin removal, facilitating precise canal shaping.
  • Durability: Built to last, capable of withstanding repeated use without breakage.

What are Endodontic Files? 

Endo files, essential tools in Endodontics, were invented by Dr. John Cain in the 1800s. These small, flexible instruments are crafted to navigate and shape root canals during endodontic procedures. Their primary applications include cleaning and shaping the canal, facilitating irrigation, and aiding in obturation. K-files, Hedstrom files, and NiTi rotary files are among the most popular types. Their invention marked a pivotal moment in Endodontics, enhancing precision and efficiency in root canal treatments.