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Diamond burs

Finish your procedure with just one bur using our high quality diamond burs made in Israel.
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Diamond burs

Dental Diamond Burs - Eagle Dental

What are diamond burs?

Diamond burs are rotary instruments used by professional dentists to perform daily procedures like cutting and grinding. 

A diamond bur allows for a clean cut with a higher polish while leaving a rough surface behind. 

Dental diamond burs come in many different types and are used for different purposes such as: Interproximal reduction (IPR), Preparation, Polishing and Finishing.

High-quality quality diamond burs are reusable and should be routinely maintained by sharpening and sterilizing before use.

Eagle Dental diamond burs

Eagle Dental diamond burs are made in Israel and feature high-accuracy, durability and effectivity.

They are specially designed for fast cutting and increased efficiency to allow you to finish your procedure with just one bur! 

We are proud to offer a top-quality line of diamond burs designed for use in precise drilling, finishing, and grinding of different materials. 


Powerful & Reliable Diamond Bur Solutions

At Eagle Dental, we focus on dental diamond burs that lasts longer and are more effective. Our company was founded with the goal to change the game and ensure peace of mind to the dentist with each and every use of our burs. 

 That is why all of our products are highly durable and effective and don't require a replacement after every use. Each Diamond bur can have a shorter lifespan because of the debris and wearing down of the instrument over time but they are extremely useful to have in every dental clinic, especially when cutting away restorative materials.

At Eagle Dental we offer a wide range of industry-leading diamond burs that have been verified for quality, durability, and precision. Feel free to browse our options below or send any questions you may have to our contact page. Thank you for choosing Eagle Dental!

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