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Crown lengthening burs


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What is Crown Lengthening?

A crown lengthening procedure involves removing bone tissue as well as repositioning the soft tissue surrounding the tooth.

This surgical procedure is performed to provide retention form in order to allow for for proper tooth preparation, impression procedures, placement of restorative margins and to adjust gingival levels for aesthetics.

It is important that the biologic width is preserved during this procedure.


What are Crown Lengthening burs?

Crown lengthening burs are dental rotary instruments specially made for crown lengthening procedures. 

Eagle Dental Crown Lengthening burs are made in Israel and feature high quality, durability and effectivity.

They are custom-made with laser depth markings for multiple purposes.

Each pack contains 5 crown lengthening burs of your desired type:

MR10L2/M - Side cutting diamond bur (narrow)
MR10L3/M - Side cutting diamond bur (narrow)
MR015L/M - End cutting diamond bur
MR010L/M - End cutting diamond bur
C2411S/XXF - Tapered side cutting diamond bur ( Extra extra fine grit)
C2411S/M - Tapered side cutting diamond bur ( Medium grit)
C244/XXF - Tapered final polishing diamond bur (Extra extra fine grit)

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