Crown lengthening burs

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Achieve Precise Crown Lengthening

Crown Lengthening Burs are specialized dental rotary instruments designed specifically for crown lengthening procedures. These burs are essential tools used to reshape gum tissue and remove bone tissue, allowing for proper tooth preparation, impression procedures, placement of restorative margins, and adjustment of gingival levels for aesthetics.

When should you use Crown Lengthening Burs?

These burs are recommended for dental professionals performing crown lengthening procedures to create retention form and preserve the biologic width. They enable precise and controlled tissue reshaping, ensuring optimal results and improved aesthetic outcomes.

Eagle Dental Crown Lengthening burs

Eagle Dental Burs are carefully made in Israel and are known for their high quality, durability, and effectiveness. By choosing Eagle Dental burs, you can rely on exceptional performance and longevity. Our commitment to superior manufacturing and attention to detail make Eagle Dental a trusted choice for dental professionals worldwide.

With our Crown Lengthening burs, you benefit from laser depth markings, allowing for precise measurements and accurate tissue removal. We take pride in our products and provide reliable customer service and efficient express shipping worldwide to ensure your satisfaction.

Each pack contains 5 Crown Lengthening Burs designed for specific purposes:

  • MR10L2/M: Side cutting bur (narrow)
  • MR10L3/M: Side cutting bur (narrow)
  • MR015L/M: End cutting bur
  • MR010L/M: End cutting bur
  • C2411S/XXF: Tapered side cutting bur (Extra extra fine grit)
  • C2411S/M: Tapered side cutting bur (Medium grit)
  • C244/XXF: Tapered final polishing bur (Extra extra fine grit)


What is Crown Lengthening?

Crown lengthening is a surgical procedure that involves removing bone tissue and repositioning the surrounding soft tissue to expose more tooth structure. It is performed using specialized dental instruments called end cutting burs and side cutting burs. These burs play a crucial role in precisely and efficiently removing bone tissue during the crown lengthening procedure. By reshaping the gum tissue and using these burs, dental professionals can achieve the desired retention form, facilitate restorative procedures, and improve the overall aesthetics of the smile. Crown lengthening may be recommended for cases where there is insufficient tooth structure exposed due to factors such as tooth decay, fractures, or to achieve the desired gum-to-tooth ratio.

What is an End Cutting Bur?

An end cutting bur is a dental diamond bur specifically designed for cutting through hard tissues like bone. In the context of crown lengthening, an end cutting bur is used to remove bone tissue and create the necessary space for proper tooth preparation and restoration. Its unique design allows for efficient and controlled bone removal, providing dental professionals with precise control during the crown lengthening procedure.

What is a Side Cutting Bur?

A side cutting bur is a dental diamond bur used in crown lengthening to shape and contour soft tissue. It provides precise incisions and removes excess gum tissue, ensuring support and stability for dental restorations. With its unique design, the side cutting bur enables controlled tissue removal, resulting in optimal aesthetics and harmonious gum-to-tooth ratios.

What's the difference between End Cutting Bur and Side Cutting Bur?

The main difference between an end cutting bur and a side cutting bur lies in their cutting edges.

An end cutting bur is specifically designed for cutting through hard tissues like bone. It is used in crown lengthening procedures to remove bone tissue and create space for tooth preparation and restoration.

On the other hand, a side cutting bur features cutting edges on the sides of the bur head. It is used to shape and contour soft tissue in crown lengthening procedures, removing excess gum tissue and achieving the desired support and stability for dental restorations.

In summary, the end cutting bur is primarily used for bone removal, while the side cutting bur is used for shaping and contouring gum tissue. The selection of each bur depends on the specific needs of the crown lengthening procedure, taking into consideration the desired outcome and the tissues involved.

Eagle Dental's Crown Lengthening Burs are the ideal choice for achieving precise and predictable results in crown lengthening procedures. Trust in our expertise and quality instruments to enhance your dental procedures.



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