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Dental burs kits

Designed by dentists for dentists, our dental burs kits and sets are the best solution for any procedure. View our complete selection below.
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Dental burs kits

What is a dental burs kit?

a Dental Burs Kit is a set of dental burs designed to meet a specific demand for specific procedures or treatments.

Our most popular bur kits are: IPR kit, Orthodontic Kit, Periodontic crown lengthening kit, Zirconia adjustment kit and gold burs kit.

What is a dental burs set?

a dental burs set is exactly the same as dental burs kit. It is an autoclavable bur block with dental burs designed to solve a specific problem or demand.

Eagle Dental Burs Kits

Eagle Dental Burs kits and sets are designed by professionals in order to give you the best solution for your needs.  Each bur set is made of high-quality materials and it is autoclavable. 

Our dental burs and kits are made in Israel and regularly tested for high-quality assurance.

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