Zirconia Polishing & Adjustment kit

SKU: Cereckit2


Zirconia Polishing & Adjustment kit for CEREC restorations

Upgrade your CEREC restorations with our comprehensive Zirconia Polishing and adjustment Kit, specially designed for Restorations on Zirconia. Developed by Dr. Eran Dolev, an ISCD certified CEREC trainer from Tel ā€“ Aviv University, this kit offers precise and efficient Zirconia adjustment and polishing.

Zirconia kit Key Features:

  • Expertly Designed: This unique kit is designed by a certified CEREC trainer, ensuring it meets the highest standards of quality and performance.

  • Complete Set: The kit includes 9 essential Zirconia burs, consisting of 3 HP burs for adjustment and 6 HP Zirconia polishing burs. Everything you need in one package.

  • Autoclavable Kit: Maintain strict hygiene standards with an autoclavable kit made in Israel, ensuring the safety of both your patients and your equipment.

  • Fast and Accurate: Achieve fast and accurate Zirconia adjustment and polishing with our high-performance burs and polishers, designed for precision work outside the mouth.

Upgrade your Zirconia adjustments with the Eagle Dental Zirconia Kit. Trust in a kit that combines expertise, quality, and convenience to enhance your restorative dentistry capabilities.

Order now and experience the difference these Zirconia Polishing Burs can make in achieving precision, aesthetics, and patient satisfaction in your dental practice. Your quest for excellence starts here.



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