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Orthodontic Burs: IPR, Invisalign & Bond removal

Orthodontic burs, strips and discs for IPR, Invisalign and bond removal. All of our premium products are made in Israel and shipped worldwide via express delivery.
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Orthodontic Burs: IPR, Invisalign & Bond removal

What are Orthodontic burs? 

Orthodontic burs are dental rotary instruments specially made for orthodontic procedures such as: Interproximal reduction (IPR), Invisalign and bond removal. 

The IPR procedure includes the removal of very thin layers of tooth enamel, therefore it it requires very delicate tools to achieve this task - usually in the form of discs, strips and burs. Using inappropriate tools can cause over removal of enamel layers and eventual damage to the teeth themselves. That’s why specially developed Orthodontic burs and tools have been designed and developed.

These burs also come in a variety of grit levels ranging from medium to super fine. Medium grit is the best choice to start with during a procedure, to remove the largest amounts of required enamel quickly. Afterward, gradual ascension in grit levels is recommended to reach finer levels of finishing for the teeth.

Eagle Dental Orhto Burs

Eagle Dental Ortho burs are made in Israel and feature consistent high-quality, durability and effectiveness. Our Ortho burs category includes:

Diamond burs - slim, fine burs specially made for IPR, Invisalign, stripping and separation. They are very effective and allow interproximal reduction of the anterior teeth in addition to vertical IPR according to the tooth morphology.

Strips - Metal and serrated strips for IPR in tight situations. 

Bur kits - IPR kit, Ortho kit and bond removal kit include everything you need to perform these procedures. They are made by dentists for dentists and come with an autoclavable kit for your convenience. 

Carbide burs -12 fluted carbide burs for bond and composite removal. 

Polishing burs - ideal for removal of all excess remnants.


What is IPR?

Interproximal Reduction, or IPR, is often associated with Invisalign treatment. During this procedure, enamel is removed from crowded areas of the tooth. By using specially designed hand tools such as IPR burs, discs and strips, only a very small portion of enamel is removed. Ultimately, IPR enables the required treatments to be performed.

It is important to perform IPR during orthodontic treatment. IPR can be used to treat conditions such as overlapping teeth. Pressure is constantly applied between teeth as a result of this condition, which pushes the teeth out of alignment. IPR is one of the methods used to reduce the overlap and therefore prevent the effect.


How to Properly Use IPR Burs

There are several guidelines for properly using IPR burs to achieve maximum results. These could potentially save much time and money by minimizing mistakes and improving workflow during the procedure. These are often recommended by manufacturers of the burs themselves and so their advice should be listened to.

At the start of every procedure including IPR burs, low RPM should be used. This is done to achieve the desired angulation. After that, a gradual increase of the RPM is performed until it reaches maximum levels. This allows the dentist to make the interproximal reduction itself.

Another important thing to remember is to use as much water as possible. This procedure can bring with it its fair share of side effects. These side effects are usually caused by excessive heat, which causes damage to the pulp of the tooth. Using enough water cools down the area and prevents the local temperature from spiraling, thus negating damage.

Finally, it is recommended to work gently and avoid swift movement. These can cause unintentional damage to the tissue and can cause quite a few problems for both the patient and the dentist. That being said, proper training and experience are always the best 


What is Invisalign?

With Invisalign, your teeth are straightened using removable aligners. This flexible, thermoplastic material is produced specifically for the treatment. For many years, dental braces have been used to straighten teeth, but this new technology is meant to replace them.

During Invisalign treatment, the patient's teeth are mapped personally for maximum efficiency. Using this method, the required force and its direction can be applied specifically to achieve the best retention results. You will also receive step-by-step monitoring from your doctor to ensure that all is going well.

Invisalign IPR burs

Invisalign IPR burs are the one of the most trending tools in the orthodontist tool box. In the past, they had to use only discs and strips which take more time and usually yield mediocre results, but today The Orthodontists may use fine slim diamond burs to achieve the desired result of interproximal stripping, reduction or separation.


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