Orthodontic Burs

Orthodontic burs, strips and discs for IPR, Invisalign and bond removal. All of our premium products are made in Israel and shipped worldwide via express delivery.

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Orthodontic Burs

What are Orthodontic burs? 

Orthodontic burs are dental rotary instruments specially made for orthodontic procedures such as: Interproximal reduction (IPR), Invisalign and bond removal. They are typically made of a hard material such as diamond or tungsten carbide, and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit different procedures. 

Eagle Dental Ortho Burs

Eagle Dental Burs is a leading manufacturer of high-quality dental burs. Our ortho burs are made in Israel to the highest standards, and they feature a variety of advantages, including Precision Cutting, Durability and Comfort for both patients and dentists. Our most popular Ortho burs include: 

IPR burs

These specialized rotary instruments are versatile and allow for precise enamel reduction. They are commonly used when more significant enamel removal is required, making them suitable for cases with moderate to severe crowding or spacing. IPR burs offer efficient and controlled enamel removal, but they may require more skill and experience to use effectively.

IPR Strips 

Thin and flexible, IPR strips are commonly used when minimal enamel removal is needed. They are gentle and provide a conservative approach to interproximal reduction. IPR strips are ideal for cases with mild to moderate crowding or spacing, offering simplicity and ease of use. They are cost-effective and often preferred for cases where minimal enamel reduction is desired.

IPR Discs 

IPR discs feature a round shape with abrasive surfaces. They are designed for precise enamel removal between adjacent teeth. IPR discs are versatile tools suitable for cases with varying degrees of crowding or spacing. They allow for controlled enamel reduction, providing dental professionals with flexibility in achieving desired tooth alignment.

Orthodontic debonding burs

Orthodontic debonding burs are specialized rotary instruments used to remove orthodontic adhesive after braces have been removed. These burs are designed with specific cutting edges and shapes that allow precise and controlled debonding of brackets without causing damage to the tooth surface.

Eagle Dental Burs Warranty

We stand behind the quality of our products. That's why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our burs. We also offer fast worldwide shipping, so you can get the burs you need when you need them.

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