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IPR burs: interproximal reduction, stripping & Invisalign


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IPR burs: interproximal reduction, stripping & Invisalign 

The IPR burs are thin, fine diamond burs designed specifically for interproximal reduction, stripping, and Invisalign procedures.

The IPR burs size ranges from 0.3 to 0.65 mm, making it easier & more accurate to achieve optimal results.

When using the IPR burs, make sure to use the highest RPM and most water possible while using a slow and gentle pace.

Modern solution for interproximal reduction

Interproximal reduction burs are are available in different grits, ranging from Medium to super fine. It is highly recommended to begin first with the medium grit ipr burs to remove the enamel and then follow up with the fine burs to smooth the tooth surface and to create 

We suggest to start with the medium grit ipr burs to quickly remove the required amount of enamel for interprxoimal reduction and then follow up with the fine ipr burs to smooth the tooth surface in order to create an accurate parallel result.

The J316 IPR diamond burs have two parts for both slicing and re-contouring. These unique burs are especially designed for interproximal reduction of the anterior teeth and they also have the ability to restore the normal anatomy after the procedure is finished. 

The E11S is a super thin IPR diamond bur that allows a vertical IPR according to the tooth morphology and axis. The special diamond coating prevents micro-fractures in the tooth enamel and the thin burs allow you achieve the desired tooth slenderization quickly and accurately. Working with this bur allow you to have better vision of the working area and also to prevent uneven reduction.

The J313 interproximal bur is especially designed for smoothing the rough edges after the IPR procedure is performed.

The Z12S proximal stripping burs are especially made for an easy Interproximal reduction without separation. Because they are often used for Invisalign, they are also called Invisalign Ipr burs.


How to use IPR burs?

In order to achieve the best results with your interproximal burs please follow these guidelines:

1. Begin with low RPM until you achieve the desired angulation and then increase it to maximum and make the interproximal reduction.
2. Use as much water as possible.
3. Work gently and avoid swift movements.


Longevity tips for IPR burs

We advise to use the 0.3mm ipr burs for the anterior and the 0.4 mm ipr burs for the posteriors. 

Break contact first before using the burs. After the 3rd aligner when the teeth start move, try placing a wedge between them, start the interproximal reduction to break the process, pull the wedge and finish the procedure. 


Eagle dental IPR burs

Eagle dental IPR burs are made in Israel and feature high-quality and durability. Each pack contains 5 burs of the same type. All our purchases come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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