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Orthodontic kit: burs for IPR, Invisalign & bond removal


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Orthodontic kit: burs for IPR, Invisalign & bond removal

The Orthodontic kit is the only kit you need to have when performing orthodontic cases. It was assembled by professionals in order to address your needs when performing interproximal reduction, Invisalign cases and for bond removal. 

The kit is made in Israel and shipped worldwide via express delivery.


Ortho kit - Eagle Dental

The Ortho kit by Eagle Dental include the same unique burs as in the standard IPR Kit in addition to T&F 12 fluted carbide burs and adhesive removal polishers.

Using the special shaped trimming and finishing carbide burs, you can easily remove composite attachments and bond adhesives without damaging your tooth enamel.

The adhesive polishers are used to remove any remaining excess material, which is ideal for cases of Invisalign.

Ortho kit - important burs profile

The J316 dental bur is especially designed for IPR of the anterior teeth. Its most exclusive feature is the ability to restore the normal anatomy after the IPR is completed.

The E11S is a super thin diamond bur that enables a vertical IPR according to the tooth morphology and axis. 

The Z12 is a needle bur, also known as mosquito bur ipr. This diamond bur is especially made for Occlusal reduction, cavity preparation and crown & bridge preparation. Due to it’s size, shape and grit, it is also great for Interproximal reduction. 

The J10 bur is a diamond bur that is especially made for IPR and separation.

Bond Removal burs - 12 blades carbide burs made of one-piece solid tungsten carbide material for superior durability.

Bond Removal polishers - Especially made to remove all excess remnants remaining. Ideal for Invisalign.


The Ortho kit is made in Israel and includes:

  • High-quality bur block autoclavable up to 135°
  • 6 thin Interproximal reduction burs
  • 1 stripping bur
  • 5 carbide burs for bond removal
  • 2 polishers for bond removal



How to use IPR burs from the Ortho kit:

1. Work with the highest RPM available.
2. Use as much water as possible.
3. Work gently without doing fast movements.


IPR, Invisalign and Bond removal

To manually correct crowding or reshape the contact area between teeth, Orthodontists used strips in the past. In today's world, thin ipr burs, such as those in this kit, effectively replace them. Designed to remove adhesive and composites easily, the carbide burs and polishers make bond removal a breeze.


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Orthodontic burs kit
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