IPR kit

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Simplify Your Interproximal Reduction Workflow!

The IPR kit is a comprehensive solution designed to simplify the process of interproximal reduction. Say goodbye to time-consuming manual methods like IPR strips and discs and embrace the efficiency of our IPR bur kit for superior results. These thin diamond burs enable you to achieve precise tooth slenderization and contouring with speed and accuracy, ensuring optimal space creation.

The IPR kit includes 6 IPR burs, 1 stripping bur, and an autoclavable bur block (up to 135º). To achieve the best results, we recommend following these guidelines:

  • Operate at the highest RPM available.
  • Ensure ample water usage during the procedure.
  • Maintain a gentle approach without rapid movements.


Eagle Dental IPR kit

Eagle Dental IPR Kit is proudly manufactured in Israel and featuring a range of unique diamond burs:

  • The J316 dental bur is specially designed for precise interproximal reduction of anterior teeth, restoring natural anatomy after the procedure.
  • The E11S super thin diamond bur enables vertical IPR, safeguarding tooth enamel with its special coating for accurate and swift tooth slenderization and contouring.
  • The Z12 needle bur, known as the mosquito bur IPR, serves multiple purposes like occlusal reduction, cavity preparation, crown and bridge work, and is equally effective for interproximal reduction.
  • The J10 bur is exclusively designed for IPR and separation.

Our services include worldwide express shipping, 100% customer satisfaction, and hassle-free refund or exchange.

When it comes to aligners and Invisalign, our IPR kit simplifies the process, offering greater patient comfort and time savings. Unlike traditional methods like discs and strips, our specialized IPR burs ensure precise and effective space creation, enhancing overall treatment outcomes.

IPR kit comparison

The most popular IPR kits are: Dentsply ipr kit, Garrison ipr kit, Intensiv ipr kit, spacefile ipr kit, fitstrip ipr kit, strauss ipr kit, komet ipr kit, contact ez ipr kit and clear correct ipr kit.

In comparing IPR kits from popular brands, Eagle Dental IPR kit stands out for several reasons. Enjoy the convenience of online shopping, global express shipping, and a considerable price advantage. Make the best choice for your practice and choose the Eagle Dental IPR kit!


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