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IPR kit


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The only IPR kit you need!

Eagle Dental IPR kit contains fine thin diamond burs ranging from 0.3 - 0.65 mm that allow you to achieve the desired tooth slenderization and contouring as quickly and accurately as possible.


How to use IPR burs kit: 

1. Work with the highest RPM available.
2. Use as much water as possible.
3. Work gently without doing fast movements.


IPR kit - Eagle Dental

Our dental IPR kit is made in Israel and feature high-quality and efficiency. The kit includes special diamond burs of the following types:

The J316 dental bur is especially designed for interproximal reduction of the anterior teeth. One of its most distinctive features is its ability to restore normal anatomy after the IPR is done.

The E11S is a super thin diamond bur that enables a vertical IPR according to the tooth morphology and axis. The special diamond coating prevents micro-fractures in the tooth enamel and the thin burs allow you achieve the desired tooth slenderization and contouring as quickly and accurately as possible.

The Z12 is a needle bur, also known as mosquito bur ipr. This diamond bur is especially made for Occlusal reduction, cavity preparation and crown & bridge preparation. Due to it’s size, shape and grit, it is also great for Interproximal reduction. 

The J10 bur is a diamond bur that is especially made for IPR and separation.


Our IPR kit includes:

  • 1 High-quality autoclavable bur block (up to 135°)
  • 6 IPR burs
  • 1 stripping bur


Eagle Dental services include:

  • Express shipping worldwide
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed with every purchase
  • Full refund or exchange at any time


Interproximal reduction tools

IPR tools are made especially for the use of orthodontists. The interproximal reduction tools are diverse and include: strips, diamond burs, carbide burs and polishers. The IPR tools are used by the Orthodontist to remove enamel proximally in order to create space for the tooth movement. 


Interproximal reduction kit

IPR or Interproximal reduction is the practice of mechanically removing enamel from between the teeth. In the past, Orthodontists had to use strips to manually achieve orthodontic ends, such as to correct crowding, or reshape the contact area between neighboring teeth. However, in 2022 the most common and effective solution is to use interproximal reduction kit that includes very thin fine interproximal burs which are also great for invisalign and separation procedures.


IPR kit Invisalign

Invisalign interproximal reduction kit is often used by dentists to fix crowded teeth in patients. Extraction of teeth to make space was a very popular method in the past but it is now becoming less and less popular. The common modern solution is doing IPR in order to avoid extraction and to prepare the patient to the Invisalign using interproximal stripping kit . Our Invisalign IPR kit includes special IPR burs that allow you to remove unwanted enamel selectively.


IPR kit comparison

Here are some popular IPR kits from popular brands:

Dentsply ipr kit, Garrison ipr kit, Intensiv ipr kit, spacefile ipr kit, fitstrip ipr kit, strauss ipr kit, komet ipr kit, contact ez ipr kit and clear correct ipr kit.

All of these brands are excellent and their IPR burs work properly and last longer than standard burs.

However, here are some reasons why you should still buy Eagle Dental IPR kit:

1. Online shopping - most of these brands cannot be purchased online. When ordering is possible, it is very inconvenient and the interface is outdated

2. Express shipping - our shipping services are available worldwide with fast handling times and express delivery.

3. Price - Although the quality is similar, the price difference between the brands is considerable.

All things considered, Eagle Dental IPR kit is the best choice for you!

Interproximal reduction kit

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