StripFix - IPR finishing system


StripFix - The Ultimate IPR Strip Finishing System

StripFix by Edenta, Switzerland, is a revolutionary finishing strip system exclusively designed for precise interproximal reduction in orthodontic procedures. Its patent-pending handle ensures enhanced efficiency and greater control during treatments.

With years of research and development, StripFix has been meticulously crafted using high-quality materials, to guarantee superior durability and performance. The strips are carefully calibrated to provide optimal flexibility and cutting ability, allowing for precise enamel reduction without causing damage to surrounding teeth.

The click-plug system offers effortless strip replacement, saving you valuable time during procedures. The swivel-mounted holders provide four lockable positions, ensuring comfortable access to hard-to-reach areas and facilitating seamless maneuverability.

The StripFIX Kit includes 1 ergonomic handle and 4 precisely calibrated strips, allowing you to deliver exceptional results with ease. Each strip is color-coded for easy identification and features a smooth surface to minimize patient discomfort.

StripFIX plug systemStripFix handle

For maximum value, explore our StripFIX Discount Bundle, featuring 1 ergonomic handle and 40 strips (10 of each grit), providing you with an ample supply for a wide range of orthodontic cases. Whether you're performing minor enamel contouring or significant interproximal reduction, StripFix is the ideal solution.

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How to use StripFix with the Handle:

  1. Attach the diamond strip to the swivel-mounted strip holder.
  2. Adjust the strip holder by rotating it to one of the four locked positions that provide the desired angle for easy access to the anterior and posterior teeth.
  3. Hold the ergonomic handle firmly and position the strip holder against the tooth surface.
  4. Apply gentle pressure and move the strip back and forth in a sawing motion to perform interproximal reduction.
  5. Monitor the progress and adjust the angle of the strip holder if needed to ensure precise and controlled enamel reduction.
  6. Repeat the process as necessary for other teeth requiring interproximal reduction.

StripFix handle

How to use StripFix without the Handle:

  1. Hold the diamond strip holder with your index finger placed on the diamond strip plate for better control.
  2. Position the diamond strip against the tooth surface that requires interproximal reduction.
  3. Apply gentle pressure and move the strip back and forth in a sawing motion to perform the desired enamel reduction.
  4. Maintain steady control and monitor the progress to ensure precise and controlled stripping.
  5. Adjust the position of the diamond strip holder as needed to access different areas of the teeth.
  6. Repeat the process as necessary for other teeth requiring interproximal reduction.

IPR Saw: Precision Cutting for Interproximal Reduction

The IPR Saw is a key component of the StripFix system, designed to deliver precise cutting for interproximal reduction (IPR) in orthodontic procedures. With its specialized diamond-coated blade, the IPR Saw offers exceptional cutting ability, allowing dental professionals to accurately and efficiently remove enamel between teeth. This innovative tool ensures minimal trauma to surrounding teeth and soft tissues while achieving the desired tooth contour. The IPR Saw's precise cutting action, combined with its integration into the StripFix system, provides dental professionals with a comprehensive solution for precise and controlled interproximal reduction.

About Edenta

Edenta is a renowned company specializing in the manufacturing of rotary instruments. Established in 1968 in Switzerland, Edenta has been at the forefront of producing high-quality rotary instruments with a strong focus on innovation. With a commitment to maintaining the highest quality standards, Edenta has earned a reputation for delivering reliable and cutting-edge products to meet the diverse needs of dental professionals worldwide.


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