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StripFix - IPR strip finishing system


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StripFix - IPR strip finishing system

What is StripFix? 

StripFix is a finishing strip system made by Edenta, Switzerland. It is specially designed for interproximal reduction of enamel in orthodontic procedures.   

With StripFix's patent-pending handle, you can work more efficiently and with greater control.

With the click-plug system, strips are easily replaced, and the swivel-mounted holders can be locked in four different positions. 

The StripFIX kit includes 1 handle and 4 strips

The StripFIX discount bundle includes 1 handle and 40 strips (10 of each grit)


StripFIX plug systemStripFix handle


How to use the StripFix ipr strips?


With Handle
StripFIX diamond strip holder positioning
The swivel-mounted diamond strip holders can each be locked in 4 positions. This ensures that the optimum working position (angle) of the diamond strip is fixed to enable easy access to the anterior and posterior teeth in the oral cavity.

Without handle
StripFIX diamond strip holders, Application without handle
Diamond strip holders can be used, with or without handle, the index finger should be placed on the diamond strip plate, ensuring greater control for reliable use of the diamond strip.


What is Edenta company? 

Edenta is a leading company of rotary instruments. It was founded in 1968 in Switzerland as a manufacturer of rotary instruments with a high quality standard and maximum ability to deliver innovative products.

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