Mosquito burs IPR


Diamond burs for Interproximal Reduction

The mosquito burs are special diamond burs designed for Interproximal reduction (IPR). Shaped like the slender body of a mosquito, this diamond bur allows for precise and controlled space creation, particularly beneficial for optimal tooth alignment. The fine, tapered tip of the bur ensures accuracy in interproximal enamel reduction without jeopardizing the integrity of adjacent teeth.

Eagle Dental Mosquito Burs are available in Coarse, Medium, Fine and Super Fine grits and are specially made for IPR stripping, reduction and separation.

Superior Durability and Efficiency

Our IPR Diamond Burs are electroplated, ensuring full coverage of diamond particles for exceptional durability and enhanced efficiency. With their advanced design, you can achieve precise results with ease.

Perfect for Aligners

These versatile burs are not limited to interproximal procedures alone. You can also utilize them for stripping contact points on Invisalign aligners, further expanding their functionality.

Proximal Stripping Burs

As part of routine dental procedures, proximal stripping is performed to avoid extraction when there is a space discrepancy or a difference in mesio-distal width between the maxillary and mandibular teeth. Our IPR Diamond Burs serve as excellent tools for proximal stripping, replacing traditional methods like metal abrasive strips and IPR discs.

Eagle Dental Mosquito Diamond Burs

Choose Eagle Dental for high-quality, durable, and efficient IPR Diamond Burs. Manufactured in Israel, our burs are designed to meet the highest standards in the dental industry. Each pack contains 5 burs of your desired type, providing you with the tools you need for successful interproximal procedures.

Take your dental practice to the next level with our IPR Diamond Burs. Order now and experience the precision and convenience they offer.

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