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zirconia-milling-burs zirconia-milling-burs

Zirconia milling burs

Zirconia milling burs are CVD coated diamond burs. They are specially designed for milling Zirconia and other highly abrasive materials effectively. We guarantee 100% satisfaction with each and every purchase.
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Zirconia milling burs

What are zirconia milling burs?

Zirconia milling burs are rotary instruments used in a milling unit to mill Zirconia blocks and other abrasive materials. 

The Zirconia milling burs are CVD diamond coated to ensure high efficiency and durability in Zirconia milling.

They are strong and durable and made to last double than the standard uncoated or DLC coated milling burs, especially when milling Zirconia blocks.


What are CVD diamonds?

CVD diamonds are lab grown diamonds. They are identical to natural diamonds but they don’t have the same environmental or social impact. They are mostly used in jewelry and industrial industries.


What is CVD diamond coating?

CVD diamond coating (Chemical Vapor Deposition) is a process of coating Nano diamond particles on a Tungsten carbide material. It adds a layer thickness of 6 to 16 microns which makes the material stronger and more durable.

Zirconia milling burs are CVD coated to make the burs stronger and more durable which allow them to effectively mill strong materials like Zirconia.

Why choose Zirconia milling burs by Eagle Dental?

Eagle Dental zirconia milling burs are made in Israel and feature consistent quality, high compatibility and durability. 

Our Zirconia milling burs are CVD coated for longer shelf life and higher efficiency when cutting or milling Zirconia and other abrasive materials.

Eagle Dental Zirconia milling burs are available for the following CAD CAM milling units:

Sirona Cerec: MCX5

ZirkonZahn: M1, M2, M4, M5 , M6

Roland: DWX-30, DWX-50, DWX-42W, DWX-51D, DWX-52D, DWX-52DC

Ammann Girbach: Ceramill Mikro 4x, 5x, Micro IC, Motion2 5x

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