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Cerec milling burs

Premium compatible milling burs for MCXL, MCX5 & Cerec 3 milling units. High-quality and durability is guaranteed for each and every bur!
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Cerec milling burs

What are Cerec burs?

Cerec burs are milling burs specially made for Cerec Sirona milling units. Also known as Sirona burs, they are used to do the actual milling of different type of materials: Zirconia, EMAX, PMMA, WAX and more.

Why should you use compatible milling burs?

Compatible milling burs offer a cost-effective solution for the original burs. They can save the dentist and laboratory a lot of money in the long run, especially if they are durable and made of high quality.

Eagle dental Cerec Burs

Cerec burs by Eagle Dental are made in Israel and feature high compatibility and long-lasting quality and durability. Our Cerec sirona burs are made for: MC, MCX, MCXL, MCX5 and Cerec 3 compact milling units.

Our Sirona burs are available in different types and sizes for different purposes and materials including: CVD diamond coated burs, DLC coated burs and uncoated burs.


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