Cylinder Pointed Bur


Cylinder Pointed Bur for MCXL and CEREC 3 milling units

The Cylinder pointed bur (CEREC 3) and the Cylinder pointed bur 12s (MCXL) are compatible milling burs made especially for Sirona CEREC milling units. They are durable and cost-effective, allowing you to save time and money in every order!

Each pack contains 5 cylinder pointed milling burs.

What our customers say about our CEREC burs 👇

"As fast as we go through Cerec Burs, it was nice to find a good option for quality milling burs at a fraction of the cost!"

"Quality for fraction of the cost!"

"I tried the cerec 3 burs and they work great. Good price too."

"I happen to saw one of their ads on FB and was baited to purchase some MCXL milling burs. I got them fast and they work well so far. I will try again."

"Works well with our MCXL mill for fabrication of emax crowns. Burs have a long life."

"The CEREC 3 burs are very good. They are hard to find as discontinued by Sirona."

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Eagle Dental MCXL milling burs

Eagle Dental MCXL burs are compatible diamond milling and grinding burs for Sirona Cerec MC XL.

They provide dental labs and dentists with a cost-efficient alternative to the original Sirona MCXL burs. 

They feature high compatibility and durability which allow you to save both time and money in the long-run.

Eagle Dental CEREC 3 milling burs

No longer sold by the original manufacturer, these diamond milling & grinding burs are hard to find in a decent quality.

Eagle Dental Cerec 3 milling burs are made of premium materials to ensure high-quality and efficiency.

They are also extremely durable and made to last longer than the original burs!


Each pack contains 5 milling burs of one of the following sizes:

Cylinder pointed bur (CEREC 3) - REF 58 55 734

Cylinder pointed bur 12S (MCXL) - REF 62 40 159


The Eagle Dental Burs Advantages

Our milling burs are made in Israel and feature compatibility, durability and efficiency. We ship worldwide via express delivery and guarantee 100% satisfaction with every order. Shop online now to try!

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