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MCXL milling burs: Emax and Glass ceramics



MCXL burs: milling burs for EMAX and GLASS ceramics

MCXL burs are grinding & milling diamond burs for EMAX and Glass ceramics. They are specially made for the following milling units: Cerec MC XL, Cerec MC X and Cerec MC.


Eagle Dental MCXL burs

Eagle Dental MCXL burs are compatible diamond milling and grinding burs for Sirona Cerec MC XL.

They provide dental labs and dentists with a cost-efficient alternative to the original Sirona MCXL burs. 

They feature high compatibility and durability which allow you to save both time and money in the long-run.


Each pack contains 5 MCXL burs of one of the following sizes:

Step bur 12S - REF 62 40 167

Step bur 12 - REF 62 60 025

Cylinder pointed bur 12S - REF 62 40 159



Step bur 12S

cerec step bur 12s is a milling bur of 12mm for Sirona MC XL milling unit. It is used on left-hand assembly. 

Step bur 12

The step bur 12 is 12mm long. It is very similar to the step bur 12s only it has a flat end of 1mm size. It is used on the LEFT side of the milling unit.

Cylinder pointed bur 12S

The cerec cylinder pointed bur 12S is a 12mm milling bur. It is used on as a right-hand assembly on cerec milling units: MC, MCX, MCXL and MCXL inLab.

Why should you use Eagle Dental MCXL burs?

Eagle Dental MCXL burs are made in Israel and feature consistent quality and economic price. Our services include:


  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Fast handling
  • Express shipping worldwide

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