IPR kit


The ONLY kit you need for Interproximal Reduction!

The Eagle IPR kit simplifies interproximal reduction, offering a comprehensive solution to streamline your workflow, saving time while enhancing patient outcomes. Shop online today for express worldwide shipping!


Eagle Dental IPR Kit

Tailored for orthodontic procedures like IPR and Invisalign, this kit includes 6 IPR burs, 1 stripping bur, and an autoclavable bur block (up to 135º). Crafted through a specialized manufacturing process, these fine diamond burs ensure durability and precision in tight spaces, facilitating swift and accurate tooth slenderization and contouring for optimal space creation.

The J316 dental bur: designed for precise interproximal reduction of anterior teeth, restoring natural anatomy post-procedure.

The E11S super thin diamond bur: enables vertical IPR, safeguarding tooth enamel with its specialized coating for accurate and swift tooth slenderization and contouring.

The Z12 needle IPR bur: serves multiple purposes including occlusal reduction, cavity preparation, crown and bridge work, and is equally effective for interproximal reduction.

The J10 bur: exclusively designed for IPR and separation.

For best outcomes, follow these suggestions:

  • Operate at the highest RPM available.
  • Ensure adequate water usage during the procedure.
  • Maintain a gentle approach without rapid movements.

Invisalign IPR Kit: The ideal solution for orthodontists

When performing interproximal reduction during Invisalign treatments, having the right tools is crucial. That's where our Invisalign IPR kit comes in. Specifically designed for IPR & Invisalign treatments, this specialized kit ensures precise and efficient reduction, facilitating smooth aligner therapy. With our Invisalign Interproximal reduction kit, you can confidently achieve optimal results, maintaining tooth integrity while creating necessary space for alignment adjustments.

IPR kit comparison

When evaluating IPR kits from renowned brands such as Komet, ClearCorrect, Intensiv, and Garrison, the Eagle Dental IPR kit emerges as a top choice. Benefit from the ease of online purchasing, express shipping, and a durability advantage. Our services also include 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed and hassle-free refund or exchange. Ensure the optimal selection for your practice by opting for the Eagle Dental IPR kit!


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