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High speed burs

We take great pride in our Israel made premium high speed burs - try them to understand why!
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High speed burs

what are high speed burs?

High speed burs are the most popular type dental burs. They are used by dental professionals for a wide range of procedures and preparation.

The high speed burs are used for high speed uses with a handpiece to cut, grind and adjust different materials and composites.


What are FG burs?

FG burs is another name for high speed burs. They are called that way due to their Friction Grip (FG) shank. The most popular FG burs are Diamond, Carbide and gold burs.


Eagle Dental High Speed Burs

Dental burs are an important tool in any dentist's office, and high speed burs are specially designed for precise, clean cuts. At Eagle Dental, we offer a wide selection of high speed burs to choose from, each one designed for different dental needs.

Our high speed diamond burs are perfect for cavity preparation, crown and bridge preparation, and interproximal reduction. If you're looking for a stronger material and a smoother surface, our high speed carbide burs are perfect for metal and crown cutting, aggressive bone cutting, and adjustment of different restorative materials. 

Dentistry requires careful consideration for the different tools you will be using during any appointment. Every patient is different, and while procedures and diagnoses remain similar, there are always considerations for the individual circumstance. That is why having a reliable set of high speed burs is so essential for your dental clinic.

Each of our high speed burs are designed and made in Israel to the highest quality of dental standards. We take great pride in ensuring only the top-of-the-line materials in each of our high speed burs because we understand the unique needs of our customers - dentists just like yourself.

Browse our store to fine an excellent range of products depending on the need, procedure, and tool design. We also provide various material components from Invisalign specific products to working with diamond and carbide tapered ends to ensure the safe removal of any buildup along the teeth or when dealing with the destruction of previous dental work.


A Variety of High Speed Bur Options

One of the primary reasons Eagle Dental has remained an industry-leading provider of bespoke dental tools and accessories is because we cater to the needs of our clientele. If you know of a product you wish we had listed on our store, please send us a note through our contact page

High speed burs is one of our most diverse categories, and we want to make sure you have everything you need with the same attention to detail and high-quality product as our current listings.

Each of our high speed burs is designed with durability in mind. We frequently hear from dentists and dental students who are amazed at how much use they get out of our products, even in the busiest of practices. Please feel free to browse our high speed burs below and discover the Eagle Dental difference!

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