High speed burs

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High speed burs

A Staple in Every Dental Practice

What are high speed burs?

High speed dental burs, also referred to as FG burs due to their Friction Grip (FG) shank, are widely used by dental professionals for various dental procedures and preparations. These burs are designed to deliver precise and clean cuts, making them the preferred choice in the dental industry. High speed burs offer exceptional cutting efficiency and are suitable for use with a handpiece to cut, grind, and adjust different materials and composites. 

What are FG burs?

FG burs are dental burs that are specifically designed for use with high-speed handpieces. Known for their superior cutting efficiency and precision, FG burs are ideal for a variety of procedures, including cavity preparation, crown cutting, and more.. Their design allows for secure fitting in the handpiece, minimizing vibrations and ensuring smooth, controlled cutting. Available in a range of shapes and sizes, FG burs offer versatility and reliability, making them a staple in any dental practice focused on delivering high-quality, efficient patient care.

High Speed Burs - Eagle Dental Burs

At Eagle Dental, we take pride in offering a diverse selection of high speed burs that meet the highest quality standards. Our high speed diamond burs are specifically designed for cavity preparation, crown and bridge preparation, and interproximal reduction. They provide optimal cutting efficiency and allow for the creation of smooth surfaces and precise contours. On the other hand, our high speed carbide burs are ideal for tasks such as metal and crown cutting, aggressive bone cutting, and adjusting various restorative materials. These burs offer enhanced strength and durability for demanding dental procedures.

As a leading provider of dental tools and accessories, we understand the importance of reliable and high-quality instruments in dentistry. That's why each of our high speed burs is meticulously crafted in Israel, adhering to stringent quality standards. Our commitment to excellence ensures that our burs meet the unique needs of dental professionals like you.

Browse our collection to explore our extensive range of high speed burs, designed to cater to different dental needs and procedures. We also offer a variety of material components, including Invisalign-specific products and diamond and carbide tapered ends for safe removal of buildup and previous dental work.

Experience the difference of precision and durability with Eagle Dental Burs!