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IPR diamond burs - Interproximal stripping, reduction and separation

The IPR diamond burs are FG burs designed to make the task of interproximal stripping, reduction and separation faster and easier.

Electroplating fully covers the diamond particles on the IPR burs, ensuring even greater durability and efficiency.

You can also use the IPR diamond burst to strip the contact points on Invisalign aligners.

Proximal stripping Burs

As a routine procedure, proximal stripping is performed to avoid extraction when the space discrepancy is less and when there is a discrepancy between the mesio-distal width of the maxillary and mandibular teeth.

To perform proximal stripping, dental professionals usually use metal abrasive strips, ipr discs or proximal stripping burs. 


Eagle Dental - IPR diamond burs

Eagle Dental IPR diamond burs are made in Israel and feature high-quality, durability and efficiency. Each pack contains 5 burs of your desired type.



Eagle Dental IPR diamond burs
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