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Zirconia cutting burs


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Zirconia burs: zirconia cutting diamond burs

- Pack of 5x burs 

As Zirconia crowns are being used more often, there is a lot more lot of Zirconia to cut now and there is more to come in the future.

But working with Zirconia (and other strong materials) is difficult. It may take some time to remove a crown using standard burs and there is always a chance a fracture might happen.

✅ Our solution is zirconia adjustment burs

Zirconia cutting diamond burs are made for adjusting, cutting and removing  Zirconia and other tough ceramics like Porcelain and EMAX. They are the best burs to cut zirconia crown & bridge since they are affordable and efficient.

Eagle Dental: Zirconia cutting dental burs

Eagle Dental's burs are perfect for quick & accurate adjusting of strong materials. A special production flow allows you to adjust all types of crowns without the risk of chipping it, including: Zirconia, PFM, Procad, Vita and E-max crowns and bridges.

  • A3PF & A4PF - Marginal ridge adjustment burs.
  • PR2PF burs - Occlusal surface adjustment burs.
  • K2PF burs - Lingual surface adjustment burs.
  • E5PF, PR15PF, E7PF burs - Margin adjustment burs.
  • T2PF burs - Trimming burs for excess materials.

Zirconia crown & bridge removal

M3PF, C31PF & T2PF - these three burs are especially made to make the job of removing crown or bridge easier. They completely erase the problems associated with removing materials such as the Lava®, Procera®, InCeramTM, Empress® I, II, Vita®, and Procad®.

Endo access on Zirconia crown & bridge

A3PF, A4PF & B4PF - Endo access zirconia burs especially made for root canal through Zirconia. These endo access burs tunnel through the porcelain layer in seconds, and penetrate the Zirconia based crown or bridge with efficiency previously thought impossible.

Competitors comparison 

There are few good zirconia burs in the market including: Zir cut burs, Komet zirconia burs, brasseler zirconia cutting burs, predator zirconia burs and diatech z rex.

All of which are excellent and has the same features as our burs. The only difference is that they are VERY expensive compared to our products thus producing you lesser value. 

All of our burs are made in Israel and feature high-quality, durability and effectiveness. Shop now to feel the difference!


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