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Zirconia cutting burs


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Cut Zirconia like a PRO.

Working with Zirconia and other tough ceramics can be a challenging task, often consuming valuable time and posing a risk of fractures. That's why we are proud to present our revolutionary Zirconia Cutting Burs – a game-changer in the field of dental restoration.

Designed with precision and expertise, our Zirconia Cutting Burs are unique diamond burs that have been specially crafted to address the specific needs of adjusting, cutting, and removing Zirconia, Porcelain, EMAX, and other resilient ceramics. With their exceptional efficiency and cost-effectiveness, these burs are ideal for zirconia crown and bridge removal.

Eagle Dental Burs - Zirconia Cutting Burs

Crafted in Israel by a dedicated team with extensive experience in dental burs and rotary instruments, Eagle Dental Burs are synonymous with excellence. Our Zirconia Cutting Burs undergo a special manufacturing process, ensuring their durability and unmatched effectiveness. Moreover, these burs possess the remarkable ability to adjust all types of crowns without the risk of chipping, including Zirconia, EMAX, PFM, Procad, Vita, and more.

Discover our comprehensive range of Zirconia Cutting Burs, designed for your specific requirements:

  1. A3PF and A4PF: Marginal ridge adjustment burs for precise and accurate adjustments.
  2. PR2PF and K2PF: Occlusal and lingual surface adjustment burs, enabling effortless modifications.
  3. E5PF, PR15PF, and E7PF: Margin adjustment burs for seamless crown and bridge shaping.
  4. T2PF: Trimming burs, perfect for removing excess materials.

Zirconia crown removal burs

Looking to remove Zirconia crown and bridge faster and easier? Look no further than our dedicated crown and bridge removal burs – M3PF, C31PF, and T2PF. These specialized burs eliminate the challenges associated with removing tough materials such as Zirconia and Emax.

Endo access Zirconia Burs

For hassle-free endo access on Zirconia crown and bridge, rely on our A3PF, A4PF, and B4PF Endo Access Zirconia Burs. These innovative burs are designed to penetrate the porcelain layer swiftly and efficiently, making root canal procedures on Zirconia and tough ceramics a breeze.

While there are a few notable competitors in the market, such as Zir cut burs, Komet zirconia burs, brasseler zirconia cutting burs, predator zirconia burs, and diatech z rex, our Zirconia Cutting Burs surpass them in every aspect. Why pay more for a similar quality product when you can get the best value for your money with Eagle Dental Burs?

Upgrade your burs games with our state-of-the-art Zirconia Burs - the ultimate choice for effortless zirconia adjustments. Experience the difference for yourself and elevate your dental restorations to perfection.


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