porcelain adjustment kit: Easy crown cutting & Endo access


porcelain adjustment kit: Easy crown cutting & Endo access

Eagle Dental's Porcelain adjustment kit includes the perfect burs for a safe, fast & smooth grinding of Porcelain.

What's the problem with Porcelain?

Working with porcelain and ceramic has always been one of the more difficult tasks faced by dentists. With traditional diamond burs, work is slow and tedious, and the risk of fracturing the crown is always looming over the procedure, threatening to bring doctors back to square one. Micro-fractures also plague the modern dentist, compromising the integrity of completed crowns and bridges after their application.

What's the solution?

Eagle Dental burs which take this previously dreaded experience out of the dark ages. Now, porcelain and ceramic adjustments are as easy as composite work without risk of chipping. A special manufacturing method allows fast adjustments on all types of PFM crowns, Ceramic and Zirconia crowns and bridges as well Procad®, Vita® and E-max® ceramic crowns. The Kits were designed in collaboration with leading dentists to include all necessary burs for adjustment procedure.

The kit includes:

A3PF & A4PF burs - for adjusting the marginal ridge

E5PF, PR15PF, E7PF burs - for adjusting the margin.

T2PF burs - for trimming excess material

PR2PF burs - for adjusting the occlusal surface

K2PF burs - for adjusting the lingual surface

Autoclavable kit - up to 135º


Competitors comparison

Shofu porcelain adjustment kit is similar in quality but much more expensive. Eagle Dental Porcelain adjustment kit offers the best value for your money.

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