Zirconia Cutting Burs - HP shank


Effortlessly Achieve Safe, Swift, and Precise Grinding of Zirconia, EMAX, and Porcelain Materials

Traditionally, handling the challenging Zirconia and tough ceramics posed a laborious task, plagued by the risk of crown fractures and time-consuming processes. Even worse, micro-fractures could jeopardize the integrity of completed crowns and bridges post-application. However, Eagle Dental's cutting-edge HP burs revolutionize this previously daunting experience, catapulting it into the modern era.

HP Zirconia cutting burs

Our HP Zirconia burs empower you to make rapid, chip-free adjustments to a range of ceramic crowns and bridges, including Zirconia, PFM, Procad, Vita, and EMAX.

For precise adjustments, consider our A3PF and A4PF zirconia burs, perfect for the marginal ridge. PR2PF burs excel in adjusting occlusal surfaces, while K2PF burs are the go-to choice for fine-tuning lingual surfaces. Additionally, E5PF, PR15PF, and E7PF burs are indispensable for margin adjustments, while T2PF burs are the ultimate solution for excess material trimming.

Eagle Dental's comprehensive selection also includes three specialized burs for Zirconia crown and bridge removal: M3PF, C31PF, and T2PF. Bid farewell to the challenges of extracting ceramic and Zirconia crowns and bridges, including those from Lava, Procera, InCeram, Empress I and II, Vita, and Procad. Moreover, our Endo Access burs - A3PF, A4PF, and B4PF - deliver remarkable efficiency for root canals through Zirconia-based crown and bridges. They effortlessly tunnel through porcelain layers within seconds and penetrate Zirconia-based crowns or bridges with unmatched ease


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