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Zirconia cutting burs


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Cut Zirconia like a PRO.

Working with Zirconia is DIFFICULT. It takes too much time to remove a crown using standard burs, and there is always a chance a fracture might happen...

That's why we invented the Zirconia Cutting Burs!


Our Zirconia burs are unique diamond burs specially made for adjusting, cutting and removing Zirconia, Porcelain, EMAX and other tough ceramics. They are highly efficient  and cost-effective, making them ideal for zircon crown & bridge removal.

Eagle Dental Burs - Zirconia Cutting Burs

Eagle Dental Burs are made in Israel and sold worldwide. They are made of the finest materials and by an experienced team solely dedicated to dental burs and rotary instruments. 

Our Zirconia Cutting Burs are made in a special manufacturing process that makes them more durable and effective. It also enables them to adjust all types of crowns without the risk of chipping them. Including: Zirconia, EMAX, PFM, Procad, Vita, etc..


Our Zirconia Cutting Burs are available in the following type:

  • A3PF - Marginal ridge adjustment burs.
  • A4PF - Marginal ridge adjustment burs.
  • PR2PF burs - Occlusal surface adjustment burs.
  • K2PF burs - Lingual surface adjustment burs.
  • E5PF - Margin adjustment burs.
  • PR15PF - Margin adjustment burs.
  • E7PF - Margin adjustment burs.
  • T2PF - Trimming burs for excess materials.

Zirconia crown & bridge removal - M3PF, C31PF, T2PF

Special burs made solely for one job - removing crown or bridge easier and faster. They completely erase the problems associates with removing touch materials such as Lava, Procure, InCeramTM, Empress, Vita, Procad, etc..


Endo access on Zirconia crown & bridge - A3PF, A4PF, B4PF

Endo Access Zirconia Burs especially made for root canal through Zirconia and tough ceramics. These endo access burs tunnel through the porcelain layer in seconds, and penetrate the Zirconia based crown or bridge with efficiency previously thought impossible.

Competitors comparison 

From what we've seen in the market, there are only few good zirconia burs manufacturers such as: Zir cut burs, Komet zirconia burs, brasseler zirconia cutting burs, predator zirconia burs and diatech z rex.

While al of them are excellent, they didn't prove to be better than ours in any parameter. Why pay more for the same quality of product? 

Get the best value for your money, buy Eagle Dental Burs.


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