Slow speed burs

Achieve precision and performance with our high-quality slow speed dental burs. Elevate your practice with exceptional accuracy. We ship worldwide - Shop online today!

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Slow speed burs

Precision burs for fine dentistry

Discover the versatility and precision of slow speed burs, essential tools used by dental professionals in clinics and laboratories. These burs are designed to be used with low-speed handpieces, offering precise control and reliable performance for various dental procedures like cavity preparation and endodontic access.

Latch Type Burs: Secure and Seamless Attachments

Latch type burs, also known as RA burs, are a specific type of slow speed bur that features a unique connection mechanism with dental handpiece instruments. They offer a secure and seamless attachment, making them a trusted choice for a wide range of dental procedures.

Explore Our Collection: Elevate Your Dental Practice

At Eagle Dental, we take pride in our meticulously crafted slow speed burs. Manufactured in Israel using a specialized process, our burs are engineered to deliver exceptional efficiency and accuracy. Experience the precision, efficiency, and reliability of our burs to enhance your dental practice and achieve optimal results.

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When it comes to slow speed burs, trust Eagle Dental to provide high-quality instruments. Our burs are designed to meet the diverse needs of dental professionals, ensuring reliable performance and excellent results. Elevate your dental practice with our range of slow speed burs and discover the difference they can make.

Experience the precision and reliability of Eagle Dental slow speed burs. Browse our collection today and take your dental practice to new heights.