zirconia adjustment kit: Cutting, Polishing and Endo access


The ideal kit for rapid adjustment of Zirconia and tough ceramics

Made in Israel, Our Zirconia Adjustment Kit is excellent for fast and efficient adjustment of Zirconia, EMAX, PFM, Procad, Vita and other tough ceramics. They also allow you to achieve a flawless finish without scratching the surface. 

The kit includes 10 Zirconia Burs and 2 Zirconia Polishing burs for all procedures: 

- Zirconia crown & bridge removal
- Zirconia Endo access 
- Zirconia Polishing & Finishing
- Marginal Ridge
- Occlusal Surface
- Lingual Surface
- Margin Adjustment
- Trimming excess materials

See our Zirconia Burs in action:


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