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White stone burs


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White Stone burs: Composite & Porcelain polishing burs

White stone burs are dental polishing burs specially designed for contouring and finishing of Enamel, Composites and Porcelain. They are ideal for creating a glass-like luster on the hardest advanced hybrid composites without the use of diamond paste.

Eagle Dental - White stone burs

Our White Stone Burs are made in Israel and feature long-lasting quality and efficiency. They can be compared in quality to Shofu or Dura white stone burs. Yes, their quality is great too but their price point is much higher which makes our white stone burs the best choice for most clinicians.


Each pack contains 12 white stone burs of the following types:

RWA-FL2-12 - Flame type burs

RWA-CN1-12 - Needle type white polishing burs

RWA-RD1-12 -Round white stone burs

RWA-RD2-12 - Egg type white stone bur

Eagle dental white stone burs
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