Smart Cleaner



Patent PCT/IL2004/001/151

The Smart Cleaner® is a patented tool for clearing blockages in dental turbines and quick couplings using a helical injector piston movement.

The Smart Cleaner® serves two purposes:
  1. Removal of blockages caused by micro particles carried in the water supply and inert biofilm residue left in the turbine.
  2. Prevention of initial residue/particle build ups by using the smart cleaner with hot water at two days intervals.

Blockage Removal In The Turbine

(a) Fit the connector of the Smart Cleaner® to the turbine/quick coupling.
(b) Undo Smart Cleaner® threaded handle.
(c) Remove Smart Cleaner® piston.
(d) Half-fill Smart Cleaner® with hot water.
(e) Return piston to Smart Cleaner®, push it inside with normal hand pressure.
(f) If not successful or resistance is too great for normal hand pressure, fit the threaded handle and screw it down to stop.

Cat. No. Description  
Smart Cleaner 5® Smart Cleaner that fits to Midwest Standard Turbines
Smart Cleaner 2® Smart Cleaner that fits to Borden Standard Turbines
Smart Cupper 1® A tool for multi hole turbine to be used when only one hole is blocked
Smart Connect® Adaptor for contra angle handpiece (E type)
Smart Tube® Adaptor for dental unit tube

General Instructions For Smart Cupper®

Smart Cupper® is necessary when, in a multi hole turbine, only one hole is blocked.
  1. Take the bore cup off the case and connect it to the turbine.
  2. Adjust the hole of the bore cup exactly above the blocked hole in the turbine.
  3. Connect the turbine with the case clump and close the screw.
  4. Connect the turbine to the Smart Cleaner® and run a routine cleaning.

General Instructions For Smart Connect®

Smart Connect® is necessary for contra angle handpieces (E Type).
  1. Connect the Smart Cleaner® to the Smart Connect®
  2. Connect the contra angle handpiece to the Smart Connect®
  3. Run a routine use - as shown in Smart Cleaner® instructions

General Instructions For Smart Tube®

Smart Tube® is necessary when the turbine tube in the dental unit is blocked.
  1. Disconnect the tube from the dental unit.
  2. Connect the pin side of the Smart Tube® to the dental unit tube.
  3. Connect the other side of the Smart Tube® to the Smart Cleaner®
  4. Run a routine use - as shown in Smart Cleaner® instructions

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