Root Canal Drills


Upgrade your Root Canal Game

Upgrade your Root Canal Game with Root Canal Drills: Precision Peeso Reamers and versatile Gates Glidden Drills. Achieve unparalleled efficiency and finesse in shaping, cleaning, and enlarging canals. 

The Peeso reamers are known for their delicate touch and excel in intricate cases, providing precision in coronal shaping and optimal dentin removal.

The Gates Glidden drills are robust, versatile, and preferred for broader coronal shaping, providing efficiency in both dentin removal and canal enlargement.

The key difference between them lies in their design and application. Peeso reamers are made for finesse, while Gates Glidden are made for versatility and broader shaping.

Technical Information:

  • Available Active Lengths: 
    • 15mm (Total length 28mm)
    • 19mm (Total length 32mm)
  • Shank: RA
  • Recommended Speed:
    • Gates Glidden - 450-800 RPM
    • Peeso Reamers- 800-1200 RPM
  • Made in Switzerland by Edenta.
  • An assortment of 6 drills is included in each pack. 

What Are Root Canal Drills?

Root canal drills are instruments used for initial access, creating an entry point into the root canal system during endodontic procedures. They facilitate efficient exploration and preparation for subsequent treatment stages.

Key purposes and applications:

  1. Access Establishment: Root canal drills are essential for creating a precise entry point into the root canal system, allowing for subsequent exploration and treatment.

  2. Coronal Shaping: These drills contribute to the initial shaping of the coronal portion of the root canal, aiding in the efficient removal of dentin and debris.

  3. Facilitation of Instrumentation: Root canal drills play a pivotal role in preparing the canal for subsequent endodontic instruments, such as reamers and files, ensuring a seamless and controlled instrumentation process.

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