Periodontal Root Planing Kit

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The Ideal Solution for Advanced Periodontal Care

Take your periodontal care to the next level with our state-of-the-art Root Planning Kit. Designed with the expertise of Dr. Meizi Eliezer, a renowned Periodontal Specialist from Bern University, this comprehensive kit is made to optimize root planning and smoothing. It effectively removes enamel pearls, dental calculus, adhesive, and debris, resulting in a receptive and smooth root surface for regeneration and ongoing Periodontic treatment.

What's Inside?

Eagle Dental's Root Planning Kit includes 14 diamond burs of various shapes, lengths and grits, including specialized laser markings for precise working depth. The burs are made for high-speed (FG) and low-speed (RA), granting you optimal versatility to master the process and procedure.

Experience Ultimate Precision

Our Professional Root Planning Kit sets a new standard for precision and efficacy in periodontal care. With its focus on optimal root planning and smoothing, it excels in removing enamel pearls, dental calculus, adhesive, and debris. The result is a meticulously prepared root surface, ready for regeneration and seamless continuation of periodontic treatments.

Versatility at Its Core

This kit's versatility is unmatched, providing effortless access to any point or depth required. Dental practitioners have the flexibility to choose between surgical (including flap opening) or Minimal Invasive approaches, thanks to the inclusion of precision burs that ensure maximum procedural adaptability.

Engineered for Excellence

Precision is paramount in periodontal care, and our kit embodies this principle. It boasts an assortment of diamond burs in various shapes and lengths, each equipped with special laser markings to ensure accurate working depth. Available in high and low-speed variations with three distinct grit levels, clinicians have full command over the treatment process.

Recommended Instructions of Use

For optimal performance, we recommend an operational speed of 10,000 RPM for the RA burs, and 8,000 to 120,000 RPM for the FG burs. When dealing with challenging materials like hard stone, enamel pearls, or adhesive, our color-coded system offers clear guidance. Initiate the procedure with the bur marked in BLUE, and seamlessly transition to the YELLOW marked bur for superior results and efficiency.

Experience the future of periodontal care with our comprehensive Root Planning Kit – your ultimate solution for precision-driven dental professionals. Shop now and feel the difference!


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