Peeso reamers


Achieve Precision in Delicate Root Canal Cases and Unique Canal Morphologies

Peeso reamers are often chosen for cases where a more delicate touch is required or when dealing with specific canal morphologies.

Available in two Active Lengths:
15mm (Total length 28mm)
19mm (Total length 32mm)

Shank: RA
Recommended Speed - 800-1200 RPM
Each Pack contains an assortment of 6 Peeso Reamers  in different shapes.

Made in Switzerland by Edenta.

What Are Peeso Reamers?

Peeso Reamers are specialized endodontic instruments, designed for precise and delicate applications in root canal procedures. Primarily chosen for cases demanding a more refined touch or specific canal complexities, these instruments excel in coronal shaping and root canal enlargement. Their slender, spiral-cut design facilitates meticulous dentin removal, making them an invaluable tool for achieving optimal shaping and preparation in challenging clinical scenarios.

Key purposes and applications:

  1. Precise Shaping: ideal for intricate and precise coronal shaping. 

  2. Delicate Touch: suited for cases requiring a finer touch. 

  3. Dentin Removal:  Efficient in removing dentin for optimal root canal preperation. 

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