Debonding burs


Remove Ortho Brackets Efficiently

 The Debonding burs are the ideal instruments for removing orthodontic brackets and adhesive materials with minimal damage to the tooth surface, facilitating a smoother and less invasive debonding process for the patient.

The 12 fluted carbide burs are used mainly for initial resin removal.

  • Finishing lingual and facial surfaces
  • Controlled debonding without scratching of the enamel
  • Corrosion-resistant finish

Eagle Dental - Ortho carbide burs

Our 12 fluted carbide burs are made of one-piece tungsten carbide for maximum efficiency in adhesive material removal. 

Straight Blades - Advanced blade configuration makes it ideal for composite materials. The blades provide an additional control - there is no spiraling to pull the bur or composite material. They produce a superior finish and last longer due to ideal blade contact points.

Spiraled blades - Standard blade configuration for amalgam, metals, dentin and composites.

Each pack contains 5 top-quality burs made in Israel.


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