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Orthodontic debonding Burs


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Orthodontic debonding Burs - carbide burs 12 fluted

The orthodontic debonding burs are excellent for debonding or the for removal of orthodontic adhesive resin after brackets are removed.

They are specially designed to minimize damage to the enamel/

The 12 fluted carbide burs are used mainly for initial resin removal.

  • FG carbide bur
  • Finishing lingual and facial surfaces
  • Controlled debonding without scratching of the enamel
  • Corrosion-resistant finish

Eagle Dental - Ortho carbide burs

Our 12 fluted carbide burs are made of one-piece tungsten carbide for maximum efficiency in adhesive material removal. 

Straight Blades - Advanced blade configuration makes it ideal for composite materials. The blades provide an additional control - there is no spiraling to pull the bur or composite material. They produce a superior finish and last longer due to ideal blade contact points.

Spiraled blades - Standard blade configuration for amalgam, metals, dentin and composites.

Each pack contains 5 top-quality burs made in Israel.

Eagle Dental Ortho carbide bur

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