NiTi Files


Upgrade your Root Canal Preps 

Achieve Precision with Minimal Perforation Risk

The Niti files are rotary endo files designed for shaping root canals in a way that suits different shapes and paths. Made of nickel-titanium and feature a special design, it ensures smooth, conical root canals without the risk of perforations, even in tricky situations. Niti files with 6% conicity shape the upper part of the canal, and those with 4% conicity handle the lower part. This consistent, conical approach makes it easier to use gutta-percha points.

Niti System

We offer 3 premade Niti System Assortments for different applications. For optimal results we recommend to follow the preparation sequence of the Crown Down Technique:

  1. Prepare straight coronal canal access region using file no. 10.
  2. Create the guide path using a K manual file no. 010/015 and determine the working length (WL).
  3. Then prepare using file no. 06 and file no. 04 to approx. 3 mm before the working length (WL).
  4. Apical finishing then follows using file No. 06 and file file no. 04.

Recommended Use:

When using niti rotary files, the recommended max speed is 300 RPM. We also advise to use a torque-controlled motor and to apply only light pressure during the preparation.
Recommended Torque for NiTi rotary files .04 = 1.5-1.8 Ncm
Recommended Torque for NiTi rotary .06 = 2.4-2.9 Ncm

Small Canal Assortment - NT-901SO:

1 x ST-10.35, 1 x NT-04.20, 1 x NT-04.25, 1 x NT-06.20, 1 x NT-06.25

Medium Canal Assortment - NT-902SO:

1 x ST-10.35, 1 x NT-04.25, 1 x NT-04.30, 1 x NT-06.25, 1 x NT-06.30

Large Canal Assortment - NT-903SO:

1 x ST-10.35, 1 x NT-04.30, 1 x NT-04.35, 1 x NT-06.30, 1 x NT-06.35


* The files can be ordered individually in packs of 6x


What are NiTi Files?

NiTi files, short for Nickel-Titanium files, are a type of endodontic instrument used in root canal procedures. They are made from a nickel-titanium alloy, which provides unique properties that are advantageous in endodontics.

Key features:

1. Flexibility: NiTi files are highly flexible compared to traditional stainless steel files. This flexibility allows for easier navigation through curved root canals.

2. Memory: NiTi files have a shape memory, meaning they return to their original pre-set shape even after significant deformation. This property is beneficial for maintaining the shape of the root canal during instrumentation.

3. Resistance to Fatigue: NiTi files have a higher resistance to cyclic fatigue, which is the tendency of materials to fail under repeated stress. This resistance reduces the risk of file separation during use.

4. Cutting Efficiency: NiTi files offer excellent cutting efficiency, allowing for effective removal of dentin and debris from the root canal.

5. Reduced Transportation: The flexibility and unique design of NiTi files help in reducing the risk of creating ledges or transportation of the root canal.


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