Multi unit abutments - internal hex


Multi-Unit Abutments for Internal Hexagon Dental Implants

Our screw-retained abutments offer versatility, precise fit, and optimal tissue health. Explore our range of sizes and angles for exceptional outcomes!

Achieve Stability and Efficiency in Full-Arch Restorations:

Designed specifically for full-arch restorations, our multi-unit abutments provide outstanding support and stability. By attaching multiple teeth to a single implant, they reduce the need for additional implants, improving efficiency and affordability.

Key Features of our Multi-Unit Abutment System:

  • Screw-retained design ideal for straight or angled restorations
  • Suitable for partially or completely edentulous maxilla and mandible
  • Enables passive fit of prosthetics for enhanced durability
  • Offers a range of angulations and sizes for maximum flexibility
  • Our components include full range of products and options including for CAD/CAM restoration.

Advantages of Choosing our Multi-Unit System:

  • Improved peri-implant tissue health
  • Versatility in restoration options with various angulations and sizes
  • Equitable distribution of masticatory forces
  • Minimal lateral offset and short cone for limited interocclusal space
  • Simple placement of prosthetic restoration with wide shoulder
  • Optimal soft tissue contouring through emergence profile

Our Multi Unit Components Include:

  • MUA abutment
  • MUA Plastic Sleeve
  • MUA Titanium Sleeve
  • MUA Impression Transfer
  • MUA Analog
  • MUA Healing Cap
  • MUA screw
  • MUA Ti Base (Adhesive Coping)
  • MUA Digital Analog
  • MUA Scan Body

Specifications and Sizes:

  • Material: Titanium grade 23
  • System: Internal Hexagon 2.42 mm
  • Platform: Ø 4.5 mm
  • Max. Torque: 20 n/cm
  • Available Multi Unit Sizes: Straight and Angled 17º, 30º, 45º, With a Collar Height of 1-5 mm.

Experience the Difference with our Multi-Unit Abutments:

Our multi-unit abutments are crafted with precision and quality. They are designed to meet the demands of modern restorative dentistry, ensuring exceptional outcomes for your patients. Elevate your practice and achieve reliable full-arch restorations with our reliable multi-unit abutment system.

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