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Multi unit abutments - internal hex


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Multi unit abutments for internal hexagon dental implants

Multi-unit abutments are a highly effective solution for full-arch restoration. They are specifically created to attach multiple teeth to a single implant, delivering stability and support during all-on-x procedures, while also reducing the required number of implants and enhancing efficiency and affordability.


Multi unit abutments - Eagle Dental Burs

    Our multi-unit abutment system is screw-retained and ideal for straight or angled restorations. It is a suitable solution for the rehabilitation of partially or completely edentulous maxilla and mandible. It is an optimal choice for all-on-x procedures as it enables a passive fit of the prosthetics, leading to a more durable and successful restoration outcome. Furthermore, it offers a range of angulations and sizes, providing practitioners with maximum flexibility and control during the procedure.

    Multi unit components:

    Plastic Sleeve
    Titanium Sleeve
    Impression Transfer
    Healing Cap

    Multi unit CAD-CAM system:

    Ti-base (adhesive coping)
    Digital Analog
    Scan Body


    Advantages of our multi-unit system:

    • Ease of retrieval for maintenance or repair procedures without any damage
    • Improved peri-implant tissue health
    • Versatility in restoration options with a variety of angulations, sizes, and prosthetics available
    • Equitable distribution of masticatory forces across all planes
    • Minimal lateral offset
    • A short cone for limited interocclusal space
    • Simple placement of the prosthetic restoration with a wide shoulder
    • Optimal soft tissue contouring through the abutment's emergence profile.


    Material: Titanium grade 23
    System: Internal Hexagon 2.42 mm
    Platform: Ø 4.5 mm
    Max. Torque: 20 n/cm

    Available sizes:

    Angle: 17º, 30º, 45º degrees
    Collar height: 1-5 mm

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