Perforated IPR strips


Achieve Precise Interproximal Reduction

Introducing our high-quality perforated IPR strips, designed to provide exceptional performance and precise enamel reduction. These diamond finishing strips are crafted using the finest materials available in the industry, ensuring durability and reliability. 

Eagle Dental Perforated Interproximal Strips

Discover the power of precision with Eagle Dental's Perforated Interproximal Strips. Each pack contains 10 high-quality diamond finishing strips (150 mm) designed for efficient and accurate interproximal reduction. With a double-sided, multi-use, and autoclavable design, these strips offer exceptional durability and versatility.

The perforated design enhances debris removal, ensuring a cleaner and more effective interproximal reduction process.

Why choose Eagle Dental?

We pride ourselves on delivering products made from the finest materials available in the industry. We also offer outstanding customer service, express worldwide shipping, and industry-leading warranty on all our products.

Trust in our commitment to excellence and take your orthodontic procedures to the next level with Eagle Dental Perforated Interproximal Strips.

Diamond Finishing Strips for Seamless Interproximal Reduction

Designed specifically for orthodontic professionals, these diamond-coated strips offer efficient cutting ability and improved debris removal during the procedure. They are autoclavable, double-sided, and cost-effective.

With our diamond finishing strips, you can contour teeth and create space for restorative work with exceptional results. Upgrade your interproximal reduction techniques and achieve seamless outcomes in your orthodontic procedures.


Perforated Interproximal strips


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