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Lindemann burs: Bone cutting surgical burs


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Lindemann burs: Bone cutting surgical burs

Primarily used in dentistry, the Lindemann bur dental application is for aggressive cutting of bone structure.

Lindemann burs are made of one-piece tungsten carbide and available in two shapes: Straight or Cross-Cut.

The special geometry of fine cross cuts and ideal flute depth allows an efficient cutting of hard tissue or bone tissue while removing the debris.

Lindemann surgical burs are excellent for procedures such as: immediate loading, Osteotomy, Apicoectomy, Cystectomy, Hemisectomy, and preprosthetic surgery. 

Lindemann burs: competitors comparison

Brassier lindemann burs are one of our most famous competitor brands. They are excellent but also very expensive which makes them less efficient. Buy smart, buy Eagle Dental.

Each pack contains 5 top-quality Lindemann bone cutter burs made in Israel.

Eagle Dental Lindemann burs
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