IPR Bundle Package

$1,200.00 $990.00

EVERYTHING you need for Interproximal Reduction

Eagle Dental IPR Bundle Package includes burs, discs and manual saw ipr system. It feature high-quality, durability and is sold at an affordable discount rate:

1 x Full Ortho IPR kit

1 x StripFix set

60 x IPR burs

40 x IPR Mosquito burs

2 x IPR discs

1 x IPR guage


    Important IPR burs description

    • J316 Dental Bur: Specifically designed for anterior teeth IPR, it restores normal anatomy after IPR completion.
    • E11S Super Thin Diamond Bur: Enables vertical IPR according to tooth morphology and axis.
    • Z12 Needle Bur (Mosquito Bur IPR): Ideal for occlusal reduction, cavity preparation, crown & bridge work, and interproximal reduction.
    • J10 Diamond Bur: Designed for IPR and separation.
    • Bond removal polishing burs - ideal for aligners (like Invisalign), especially made to remove all excess remnants.
    • Bond removal burs - 12 fluted carbide burs.

    Eagle Dental Ortho IPR Kit

    The Eagle Dental Ortho Kit includes a range of unique burs, tailored to meet your specific requirements. It features the same exceptional burs found in our standard IPR Kit, along with T&F 12 fluted carbide burs and adhesive removal polishers.

    • 1 bur block (Autoclavable up to 135°C)
    • 6 IPR burs
    • 1 stripping bur
    • 5 bond removal carbide burs
    • 2 bond removal polishing burs

    How to use of IPR burs

    To achieve the best results follow this guidelines:

    1. Operate at the highest RPM available.
    2. Ensure ample water usage during the procedure.
    3. Maintain a gentle approach without rapid movements.

    IPR bundle burs

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