NSK high speed handpiece: High torque head



A06-TPQN - NSK high speed handpiece by Eagle Dental Burs

Upgrade your handpiece game with the A06-TPQN NSK Handpiece by Eagle Dental. Its advanced design reduces micro vibrations and noise, offering an ergonomic grip for enhanced efficiency. Crafted from durable materials, this handpiece guarantees long-lasting performance.

What's a NSK high speed handpiece?

An NSK high-speed handpiece is a dental instrument designed for precise cutting, drilling, and polishing procedures. It's known for its ability to operate at very high rotational speeds, allowing for efficient and accurate dental work. NSK is a reputable manufacturer of dental equipment, and their handpieces connection system is widely popular.

What's the difference between low-speed and high-speed handpiece?

The primary difference lies in their operational speed and intended use:
    • Low-Speed Handpiece: These handpieces operate at lower rotational speeds and are typically used for tasks requiring more control and finesse, such as polishing, finishing, and some endodontic procedures.
    • High-Speed Handpiece: These handpieces operate at significantly higher rotational speeds and are used for procedures that involve cutting and drilling, like cavity preparations and crown preparations. They are faster and more efficient for these tasks.

    What other types of high-speed handpieces, except NSK, are there?

    Several reputable dental equipment manufacturers produce high-speed handpieces. Some well-known brands in addition to NSK include KaVo, Bien-Air, W&H, Midwest, and Star. Each manufacturer may offer a range of models with varying features, and dentists often choose handpieces based on their specific needs and preferences. It's important to consider factors like speed, ergonomics, durability, and compatibility with attachments and burs when selecting a high-speed handpiece for your practice.

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