Healing abutments - internal hex


Healing abutments for internal hex dental implants

In the first months after surgery, healing abutments support the gum tissue as it continues to heal and tighten around the implant, preventing food from settling around it.

Stock abutments

Straight abutments are often called stock abutments because they are pre-manufactured by the dental implant company to fit an existing implant system. They are also called standard abutments, as they are the most popular type used in implant dentistry.

Healing abutments - Eagle Dental Burs

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The healing abutments are made in Israel of high-quality, biocompatible titanium grade 23. They are made to work with the most popular dental implant system in the world - internal hex connection 2.42mm. Recommended Max. Torque 20 n/cm.

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Material: Titanium grade 23
System: Internal Hexagon 2.42 mm
Platform: Ø 3.5 mm
Max. Torque: 20 n/cm

Available sizes:

Width: Narrow 3.8mm, Standard 4.5 mm, Wide 5.5 mm
Height: 2-7 mm

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